Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to check Pag-ibig contribution

Have you checked your Pag-ibig home development fund contribution? If not, here is how I got information on my contribution. There are two ways you can check your contribution, either hotline or e-mail. The first move I have done is through emailing and received a response the next day. They requested me to email them my full name, company name and address including my previous employers. I emailed them back and stated their requested information. The reply I have got is the total months I have contributed but not the total amount. Because of that, I phoned their hotline 724-4244 hoping I will get information on my total monthly contribution.  I've got the same reply as that of the email. I asked the customer service representative why only the total months, and she told me that this was only information that need to divulge.  Anyway, at least I knew that my former employers really paid my contributions to Pag-ibig because my computed number of months was the same as what they have told me. 

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